To Whom It May Concern, Letter From An Inmate

We were so inspired by this letter we received that we couldn't help but share it with everyone who supports this ministry so you can see the impact you're having, one person at a time!

bench on sidewalk

To whom it may concern,

My name is Jason Castillo Romero, I am writing to inform you about my interaction and relationship with Chaplin John Ewell of Anchor Ministry. I am currently incarcerated at the Regional Justice Center in Kent, WA., where I met John about September 2013. I consider him a true friend and I am honored and thankful to say so. The prayers, the support, the love, the energy and the hope he brings, not only to me, but also others around me, are definite signs that Jesus is working in him and through him.

John has gone above and beyond what it means to be a brother in Christ.

I know he is using his life to help build the kingdom of God. Thank you, and may God bless us, our families and all of our efforts.


Jason Castillo Romero - sincerely a brother of the faith. 


Huge thank you to Jason for sharing this encouraging letter with us and a huge thank you to everyone who supports this ministry. We love you! Thank you.