It's The (Not-So-Most) Wonderful Time Of The Year

Alone on Christmas

Thanksgiving and Christmas can be such a wonderful time, full of family gatherings and tree decorating, while experiencing the lights and decorations all around. Unfortunately that is not how it is for the people locked up in jail… For inmates, this time of year is a time of sadness and regret.

When you are incarcerated holidays can really shine a light on how you have screwed up and how you have hurt the people in your life.

lonely snow bench

Even though they got themselves into this situation and most of them deserve to be there, its still a great time for them to reflect on their actions and work on how they can keep themselves from repeating the same mistakes in the future.

Regardless of their sin and how they got there, I still believe that everyone deserves to feel the love and forgiveness of Christ. This is a good time to show love but also be honest with them. For example I will remind them that they are not the only one hurting in this situation, not only have they let down their family, but most importantly they have let down God. Once these men realize this, it can be very eye opening for them. This can create a desire in them to repent, change and give their life over to Christ.


This can also be a really good time for me to reach out to their families and friends to comfort them with the love of Jesus. It can be so hard for them to watch their son, friend or husband be in the situation they are in.

One thing Anchor Ministry does this time of year is help put together small bags for the inmates, consisting of some candy and different encouraging scriptures. None of this would be possible without your help. Thank you for supporting Anchor Ministry.