The Strength Christ Can Give

One of the things John does for Anchor Ministry is attend sentencing hearings of inmates. He only does this if he has been meeting with them for a while and really knows their heart for Jesus. The reason he does this is because most of these individuals do not have any family to speak of and to have someone be there and pray for them means a lot.

Attending Sentencing Hearings of Inmates

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Here is a story from John:

The other day I was in court with a guy that I have been meeting with for almost 2 years. Because of his prior convictions and history of drug abuse, he was looking at 20+ years. Although, Jason's lawyer said his case looked good and he doubted that he would get that much time. Well, like most lawyers he was making empty promises. Because of Jason's past record and drug abuse the judge handed down the highest sentence. I've got to be honest, when he was sentenced it shook me up a bit. What happened next really blew me away.

I've got to be honest, when he was sentenced it shook me up a bit.

Literally, 5 seconds after Jason was sentenced to 25 years he turned to me, seeing that I was upset, and said, "Don't worry my friend, I will be ok. Jesus still has a plan for my life, wherever I live." I couldn't believe his strength in the Lord. Here I was suppose to be their to support and encourage him and he's encouraging me right after being sentenced to 25 YEARS! That kind of strength only comes from God...