He Got 20 Years

I have been working with Ryan, for several years now, spending many hours talking.

This particular day we spent the day in court. It was the day of his sentencing hearing. There had already been an agreed upon sentence for 15 years. It seemed that everything was in order.

Until...the prosecutor decided to try and change things.

They asked the judge to give him 20 years instead of the 15 years they had agreed on. In the past nine years of full time ministry I've never seen a prosecutor blatantly lie and change the agreed upon deal. Usually once a deal is made between the prosecution and the defense, it doesn't change. They were able to sneak it passed the judge and before anyone new what was going on the judge had already signed the deal for 20 years, which was an additional 5 years then what was agreed upon.

What was amazing to me is how even though the enemy was at work in this trial, Ryan's trust in Jesus never faltered.

I'm still in awe every time I see Jesus do such an amazing work in one of these guys. Read a letter from Ryan's parents HERE.