Families on the Outside

We have been able to share many stories of inmates and the impact that God has done on them, and how God has used us to help them walk through their many challenges. Today we want to share with you another side to those stories: the loved ones on the outside.

Below you will find a testimony from one of the parents that we have been able to work with as they have had to watch their son, Ryan, go down such a hard path. Learn more about Ryan's story HERE.

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For quite a long time, Dan and I have been searching for a ministry that we felt called to support. What was important to us is that this ministry was totally God-centered, not top heavy in structure, transparent in its outreach and accountable in where donations were being allocated. Little did we dream that our situation with Ryan would lead us to such a ministry.

As Dan has so aptly said, "He is the real deal."

John Ewell of Anchor Ministry connected with Ryan two years ago. We learned of his work with Ryan and other inmates about six months ago. During this time we have become well acquainted with John and have seen his dedication to reaching out to the imprisoned, their families, and have seen the fruits of his labors, so to speak in our own situation. He has a unique way of connecting with these folk and leading them to "considering" Christ and then to serving Him even in the darkest of environments. We all know the hope that God's mercy and forgiveness gives. John is dedicated to bringing that message to those who are incarcerated. He is tireless in his efforts, at no small cost to himself and his family (wife Shannon and 4 teenage children). As Dan has so aptly said, "He is the real deal."

This is a boots on the ground direct outreach to a population that is not valued and often forgotten.

I felt called to write this letter and request that you would consider first of all praying for Anchor Ministries as well as for John and his family. Full time ministry is a tough gig. Dan and I know experientially being surrounded by prayer. Please do the same for John. Secondly, if possible, consider supporting this ministry on an ongoing basis. This is a boots on the ground direct outreach to a population that is not valued and often forgotten. Granted the actions of the imprisoned are dire, but the hope that we as Christians hold is for mercy and redemption. Sharing that message in the darkness doesn't happen without people like John.

Love,  Dan and Colleen

It has been such a blessing to get to know Dan and Colleen as well as their son and how God has used them all to bring Him glory!